Friday, August 03, 2007

Frugal Friday Thinking Frugal

I love the different tips that we get each week with Crystal's Frugal Friday. It's always inspiring to see how different women save money for their family.

I believe that frugality is a mindset. It's how we view every purchase. It's certainly searching out sales but I believe it goes beyond that.

It's how we decide to grab a cloth instead of a paper towel. It's maybe adding water to the very last of the shampoo in the bottle to get one more washing. Maybe we buy products that are re-usable instead of disposable. Several come to mind. Cloths verses paper towels. Cloth diapers instead of disposables. Maybe even re-usable feminine products.

My sister got me a S*wiffer mop for Christmas one year. Really. We're that kind of family. I really liked the convenience. And since it came with several pads, I really got used to it. So when I ran out I, of course, went to buy more. And got sticker shock out of the price. The pads were more than the mop!

So I had to find an alternative.

This is my non-disposable mop.

Of course, it's not a s*wiffer mop. It's another brand. It came with 3 cleaning pads that I wash with my towels. The head has these long Velcro strips and the whole back of the cloth attaches to it.

When I'm done I just rip it off and throw it in the laundry.

I grab whatever cleaner I want (plain vinegar and water that I keep in a squirt bottle), squirt some on the floor and mop away. I can control the amount of fluid and what kind of cleaner goes on what floor.

I paid less than $20 for it (go to QVC, and do a search for "Don Ashlett Mop") and have been using it for at least 4-5 years.

But the point isn't really the mop. It's that I wanted something that I didn't have to continue to throw money into.

It's just the way I think.


Carrie J said...

Nice post. I have an O Cedar mop that is similiar but wider top to bottom. I love it because it cleans so much better than a regular mop. It is a little big though, so I use my swiffer along with either old fingertip towels or flannel sheets to damp mop with.

JenH said...

I have the clorox ready mop and we were using heavy duty (the blue kind) paper towels instead of the pads. Then we found the pads and cleaners on clearance for 50 cents a box/jug. We bought the store out.

Mrs. H said...

I have been thinking about making reusable pads for my Swifer mop as well. I saw something called an "OMop" at Target that was somewhat similar to the mop you have in your post, and have thought about getting it. I just wonder if my Swifer can be converted without buying a new mop.

Hmmmm . . .

Thanks for the post! It is good to know there are some other mop options out there if I can't convert my Swifer. The OMop is a bit pricey at $30.

Joanna said...

(Found your post through link at Biblical Womanhood.)

If there are people out there who don't sew who want to use reusable covers on their Swiffers, I found some from this lady at a craft show last fall:
(She has other floor cleaning cloths, too.)

I have three covers (including one with a Christmas theme fabric, in case I want to get in the holiday mood when sweeping, because I am insane, LOL.). They work great.

HomeschoolingMomto3 said...

Great blog! I am really enjoying reading it. I also *love* frugal ideas. Can I ask for your cheesy chicken casserole recipe? That sounds delicious.

WesternWarmth said...

Great post. I've tried using old rags pushed into the swiffer but I went through 3 just to get the floor done--they were pretty thin. I think maybe I should make some. Inspiring, thanks!

Michelle said...

Carrie, what a good idea! I love your blog, btw. I've been reading there for a while. You must live fairly close to me. :)

Jenh, I absolutely agree. If I could find the swiffer wet on clearance, I'd do the same thing.

Mrs H, you're welcome! And thank you for the thought of converting a swiffer mop. I don't think I would have ever thought of that without you great ladies.

Joanna, you are all so smart! And I ♥ love ♥ the idea of a Christmas mop cover!

Homeschoolingmom, thank you! I like your blog too and have bookmarked it to check out more fully when I have some time. The recipe I got from Candy at (though I always change things a bit). I'll see if I can find it and post it for ya. It's one of my staple recipes now.

WesternWarmth, you women who can make this kind of thing inspire me! You should put a tutorial on your blog if you end up doing it.

"My Little Wonders" said...

You have great ideas, keep up the good work.
Blessings Lori