Saturday, September 02, 2006


Hi-Boo is doing well. It was really hard on him for a few days. But he's up running around now and seems more active than he has in years. And that's such a blessing. He has, over the course of his life, been a thorn at times, but he's truly like a member of the family. And we're thrilled to see the quality of life he seems to have found.

Both of my little girls were away last night. Julia (12) had a youth lock-in at a neighboring church. Seems she's now called a "common visitor" there because she is on the mailing list. That made her pretty happy. And Jill (9) had a sleep-over with one of the little girls in their "group" of friends who isn't old enough to go to the youth function either.

And then TONIGHT, they are both invited to a camp-out sleep-over at a local (almost) drive-in theatre. I'm thinking I'll let them go, but go pick them up around midnight. We've got Church in the morning and I'm just not sure I want them to miss that. Plus, this second overnight coming on the heels of the last night is really just too much for many of the girls in this little group.

Julia is now home and in bed. The mom where Jill spent the night asked me not to pick her up so early because they like to sleep in. So she'll either bring her home, or I'll run get her when she gets up.

These kids *never* sleep when they're out at these functions. I just don't remember doing that as a child. We'd sit up late, but it was pretty rare for us to want to be up all night long. It makes them a little weird for a day or two.

Luckily Jill doesn't have the co-op this Monday. Julia, however, has it on Wednesday. Hopefully their sleeping will be back to normal by then.

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