Friday, September 29, 2006

Changes in Attitudes

For someone who is always talking to my girls about attitude and what it means/how it glorifies (or not) God, etc., you'd think *mine* would be different.

I spend a good amount of time thinking of what I didn't get done this day or that. This week or that. And I'm going to try to change my way of thinking.

So instead of focusing on the fact that I didn't get the bathrooms done yesterday, I'm going to focus on what I *did* get done.

  • I had a full homeschool day with both my girls
  • I made bread
  • I made a double batch of laundry soap
  • We went and got Jillian's Halloween costume
  • I cooked a nice big dinner
  • I put away all the bulk purchases that I've been meaning to do for a few days
  • I sat in the hot tub with Mike for about an hour
  • I did 4 loads of laundry, folded and put away
  • I did a bit of housework
  • I started a lovely paint kit with Jillian (9) and we sat with that for over an hour

And probably much more.

I'm really going to work on my attitude and self image. I *am* busy. I'm doing my best. I'm going to attempt to be happy with that.

If only there were about 8 more hours in each day. ;)

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Anne said...

Hi there! I followd your link from your comment on Mary's blog. I like this entry- what a great idea! I've been the same way... thinking of what I didn't get done. I think I will try your idea soon. :)