Sunday, September 03, 2006

My Weekend So Far

What an unusual weekend this has been so far.

Yesterday, instead of my going to get Jill, DH did it. I had a headache that was pretty bad. I don't like taking medications unless they are really necessary, but after about 3 hours of lying around I decided it might be necessary. I ended up taking some (generic) Excedrin and felt better by the time we had to run the girls around last night.

They were both invited to a birthday party that was also a sleep-over a the drive-in in a neighboring town. Well, that seemed a bit much after the night before, so we agreed that they could *go*, but that we'd pick them up around midnight.

So we left the house around 5pm because we'd not had a chance to get a gift yet. We knew exactly what we wanted to get, so stopping didn't take all that long except for the traffic. When we got to the meeting place, we were 2 minutes early and the only ones there! The mom of the birthday girl had arranged several people to drive everyone down to the drive-in so we wanted to be on time so that we didn't have to drive all the way down there ourselves. It only took a minute for another mom to pull up. But it took quite a while for the caravan that the girls were riding with to get there. So we were outside about 45 minutes in the heat. Not great for my headache which was starting to creep back at this point.

The girls were finally off and I called DH to let him know that I was on my way back home. He was in the mood to go out for dinner and a movie (which we had done the night before as well, so that was really odd), and was just done with all the chores he was working on around the house, so I headed home.

I jumped out of my car and into his as he'd picked a movie that was starting in just a little while. So we put dinner off for a while. We sat through the movie and laughed. It was so nice. And when we left, this little restaurant that we'd not been to in probably 15 or more years was still right there and we went in for a light snack. It was so cozy and nice.

Then we rode around downtown killing a little time before it was time to head to the drive-in. When we got down there it was probably around 11:30 and DH knew everyone there! He'd grown up in that area and it was pretty funny. So he sat and talked for a few minutes and I got to look around the place. It's nice and looks like some place we'll have to go check out sometime.

We got the girls (and an extra one to boot, to take home to her family) and headed back, dropped off the friend and headed home. The girls were pretty dirty and had to have showers before bed so it was late before we all settled in (around 1am) and now we're up for church. We'll probably be a bit tired today, but we have tomorrow off!

We're normally "home bodies" so all this running around is different. And fun. We used to be out more and hopefully this will become more the norm. house has suffered for it! So I've got some making up to do today after church.

But it's all worth it. : )

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