Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Well, as you can see I got almost nothing done yesterday. My daughter and I spend hours trying to get rid of an infection on her computer. And we still didn't get it done. We may have to have it looked at. I can't believe how stubborn these malware can be! Her husband is doing college classes online so they really need this fixed. That's why it got priority.

I may put this list (and add to it) in my sidebar. It makes me want to get it done when it's out there for all to see!


Andrea said...

Thank you! Had any luck with your daughter's computer?

My name is Michelle. said...

Unfortunately no. We have a friend who works on computers for a living so we'll ask him the next time he's over. If he can't figure it out, we'll have to either wipe it clean or take it in somewhere. It's really a shame.

But thanks for asking. :)