Monday, September 21, 2009

Does God Nudge You?

Our sermon at Church yesterday was on prayer. The various ways we pray and the things for which we ask. It was moving and powerful. Our Pastor also talked about how he feels that God nudges him from time to time. And maybe more often than that and he simply doesn't notice it. But that many times when he feels that nudge and answers whatever small seeming call, he is enormously blessed and grateful. And how important it is to be mindful of the nudges of God.

It's happened to me a few times that I've gotten "close" to a blogger and then they've closed up shop. Sometimes saying why, sometimes not. I may have never left a comment on their writings but I've felt ridiculously close with them. Maybe prayed for them in various situations. Certainly laughed with them and rooted them on in areas of their lives that they've been willing to share. And when they were gone it was almost like I mourned. I missed them.

To all that have written me saying that you missed me, prayed for me, and hoped I'd come back....thank you. I hope I responded to all of you via email. I certainly tried to do so. I can't understand why anyone would be interested in the things that I write. But I suppose that all is not for us to understand.

I don't feel worthy to be looked at as an older woman with any kind of wisdom. The truth is that I'm 43 and have a daughter that is grown and married, along with a teenage daughter and a preteen daughter. So I suppose that while I feel youthful and ignorant in many ways of life, I might have something to share. Even if it's nothing but what NOT to do as learned by me the hard way.

I've felt a nudge for a while. To come back here. To write a little as I feel called to do so. And I won't ignore the nudge anymore.

Thank you all for the beautiful emails you've written me. I've missed you too.


Anonymous said...

Michelle!! I am so glad you are back! I will continue to read your blog with joy. :)
Thank you for coming back to share your wisdom, grace and knowledge of Scripture.
God's blessings,

Hi. My name is Alanna. said...

Very glad you have returned! I was walking around the house the other day thinking how grateful I was that you posted your girls' chore list and so many other ideas that have been so helpful to springboard from. I wondered how you were and missed your writings! Glad to find you back!!

Sharon said...

Good to see you back Michelle!