Monday, September 28, 2009


I'd really like to post daily here. At least during the week. But today is not the day to start it. My to-do list is pretty huge. And I'm pretty determined. So we'll see.

This is my two week plan. Of course there will be normal activities of daily living thrown in there. But I'm starting first with a printable calendar and plugging this stuff into various days. I'll try to update on my progress.

-Fix Jessica's computer (malware infection)

-Quick grocery trip

-Spend 1 hour with daughter on project

-Oversee all major schoolwork

-Lesson plan for history

-Spend 2 hours cleaning at least 2 days a week

-Make a two week meal plan


-Place a book order


-Get all Fall vegetable in deck planters

-Start on Christmas list

-Change and wash sheets

-Spend 1 hour daily on getting the girls rooms in shape (including buying paint and supplies, painting and getting every nook and cranny cleaned out and organized)

-Take big quilts to laundry mat

-Finish sewing projects

-Spend 1 hour a week organizing computer/school room


Andrea said...

I raise my sword to you in a united cause! CHARGE!!!!!!!!!! :)

Andrea said...

Ha! That is sooooooo true about the shower thing. I am absolutely certain babies are born with ESP. She knows when I am even THINKING of trying to take a bath!
Hope you are succeeding in your tasks!