Monday, November 12, 2007

A Blog

I read almost everyone on my friends list at least once or twice a week. Frequently you'll say something that resonates with me.

Camilla's whole blog is devoted to the changes that God has made in her life. She is so open with her faults that it's startling at times. And her posts frequently amaze me and touch at exactly the things I need to hear.

Something she posted recently:

"Integrity means you are the same person when you are alone as you are when you are around others."


"If you focus on integrity, then you automatically build character in your weak spots: self-discipline, self-control, anger, and more."

If you've never read her, you may want to jump on over and see if her words resonate with you as well.


Anonymous said...

Just a side note that Camilla's blog is not for the easily offended. Just read it and think about it before you get all huffy. I do enjoy her blog though.

Hi. My name is Alanna. said...

I did read her blog after you mentioned it on one of my posts. I have a friend who reminds me a lot of her, and it makes her easier to understand. Sometimes reading someone versus talking to them is worlds apart. Reading makes it so much easier to misinterpret their meanings, you know? I enjoy a lot of what she writes and don't understand why she chooses what she does at times. Sometimes I agree wholeheartedly and am encouraged to make changes in my own life. Other times I wonder how tested their lives are outside of their home. I think I want more balance for our family to see that what we proclaim to be at home and church is also tested and tried out in the real world where real people with real lives who are really hurting really live. People I know I would not encounter otherwise. So, as with most things, I take from it what I can, but try to always remember that none of us ever gets it all right this side of heaven.

My name is Michelle. said...

Beth and Alanna, I hope I don't come across by mentioning her that I agree with all that she says or does. I certainly don't. Nor do I feel a conviction to raise my children exactly the way she is raising hers.

But it's like any other blog I read...I don't find her offensive *at all*. If I did, I wouldn't read her. Some things she posts mean next to nothing to me, and some of the things she posts *really* touch a nerve. But I don't mind having nerves touched that need to be touched. ;D And I figure if one is touched it probably needs to be touched. And I appreciate that.

Thank you guys both for taking the time to comment. :)

Hi. My name is Alanna. said...


I didn't take it as you agreeing with all she says or wanting to be just like her. You seem to have a pretty good sense of balance and level-headedness about you. I do think people who just read the average blog tho probably should have a disclaimer put out there before reading Camilla b/c you're right - what she says is startling at times. She says things in ways mainstream doesn't tend to think, and I think God loves to encourage us to think outside the box. I can see how she would easily offend, or be considered crazy, but I also think that if you read her, as you do, open to what God's Spirit may use her words to touch in you, then while there will be times you sense nothing, there will also be many in which you will find hope, encouragement, inspiration, and conviction. The very things God desires for us all.

Thanks for sharing!