Friday, March 16, 2007


Where has the time gone? I've been so busy for the last month that I've not really had much time at all. It gets like that sometimes I suppose.

We've had an out of town guest that I had to prepare for.

We've had my mom's 60th birthday party that was here, that I had to prepare for and then do.

I was a girlscout cookie mom this year and we've had all of that, plus booth sales for 2 different troops (3 sales total).

We had girlscout Sunday at a neighboring church that I had to work with and help my girls get prepared for.

We have our Church 1 year anniversary this Sunday and we're having a dinner

We're having a baby shower for the music directors wife next Sunday.

On the same day, the girl across the street is having a bridal shower.

My husbands birthday is in 2 weeks, and my dogs, and my sisters boyfriend (all on the same day).

We have a girlscout function on Saturday afternoon which I *just* found out I need to get a swimming mask, snorkel and fins. Today.

I've planted some lettuce, onions, rosemary and rhubarb. Yeah Spring!

Anyway... my new plan, at least until things calm down a little, is to try to blog one time a week. It will be on Thursday or Friday more than likely. Maybe Saturday.

Thanks to all who worried about me. I'm here and fine. Just swamped. With no clear end in sight.


Sharon said...

Sure do miss you! Hope everything goes smooth for you. :)

Anonymous said...

You are one busy woman Michelle! Post when you can! :o)

Anonymous said...

Earth to Michelle, come in Michelle! Where are you? Is everything alright??

Sharon said...

Where, oh where is my friend, Michelle.
Oh where, oh where can she be!