Sunday, October 15, 2006


I know I've said it before, but it's worth repeating, I LOVE my church. How we got there is a story in itself, and I'll try to remember to tell it soon.

Today our preacher was out. He's an amazing man with a talent for speaking directly to the hearts of all who listen. His daughter got married yesterday out of town, so we didn't really expect him to speak today. We went to church anyway, though honestly, we'd have preferred to stay at home.

Once we sat down and opened the program, we were a bit surprised. Our speaker today was going to be Chris McDaniel. Formerly of the country/rock band Confederate Railroad.

So he got up there and started singing, and playing the keyboard and it was *amazing*. He was so good.

And then he started to speak.

He spoke of his life, his upbringing, his relationship with Jesus, his whole life. He told stories of life on the road and life as a child in a small southern town. He talked of his children with awe and love. He didn't hide the ugly parts of his life. He laid it all out. And told how God had welcomed him back home.

In between stories, he'd sing and play the keyboard. Songs that told us stories every bit as much as the words he spoke.

How glad we were to have gotten the opportunity to hear this mans great story. How humbling and inspirational. I only wish our preacher could have been there.


Beth said...

Oh my gosh Michelle that is so awesome!! I wish I had been there too!

Mary said...

Wow, incredible! Sometimes I wish I went to a less conservative church. How awesome it would be to have such a dynamic speaker!