Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Thankfully, the girls are out of the YMCA program this week. Starting next week, I teach (I co-teach actually, my friend is teaching, but she's out of town the first week, so technically, I *do* teach next week) until the end of the year. We're doing an environmental studies class, which should be fun!

Last Friday we had a GS activity at a farm about 45 minutes from here. Mike decided to go with us. It was a really nice family time.

Here is Julia, Jillian and Mike with this creepy thing that was walking around and moving it's weird arms!

This is Jillian and her dad with a dancing something.

There was a campfire and they let you make smores. There were adults dressed up passing out little boxes of candy. And it was chilly! Jillian took my vest because I at least had on long sleeves. The place was set up pretty kid friendly. Not too scary. We don't like scary much here.

On another note, the weather is *fabulous*. Warm days and cooler nights. If it weren't for the allergies this time of year, I'd love it to stay this way for at least 9 months of the year.


Mary said...

That was some farm you went to!
I hope when we move, we live near a YMCA, there are so many activities to be involved in.

And, your girls are beautiful!

Michelle said...

Hi Mary! Yes, the local YMCA here is *great* for homeschoolers. We have been enjoying all that they offer for about 6 years now.

And thanks for the compliment! I'm a lucky momma for sure.

Beth said...

The activity at the farm looks great! I love the creepy looking thing! Oh, and yummy on the s'mores..gotta love that part! :o)