Monday, October 02, 2006

My Julia (12) is such an amazing daughter. I can't even express what it's like watching her grow into the woman God wants her to be. She's at the age that mommy can't always "make it better", and that makes me sad at times.

She told me a story last night that was on her mind. I have no idea where she heard/read it, so if anyone knows please let me know so that I can give proper credit.

'Cause I'm gonna share it here.

A young girl was walking home one evening and it had gotten later (and darker) than she had thought. She had to go through an alley. She got a little way into the alley and saw the figure of a man on down the way.

She felt creeped out and scared. She had to go this way to get home, but she didn't want to walk past the man.

She started to pray. She asked God to keep her safe. She continued her walk and when she got close to the man he looked at her. She nodded and continued on her way.

After she was out of the alley she felt a little silly. She had obviously let her imagination run away with her.

The next morning her mother came to her and told her that a girl had been attacked and assaulted in that very alley that she had walked down the night before. Had she seen anything? She said that she had and so her mother took her to the police station. They had a man in custody and asked if she could pick him out of a line-up. She thought she could. And she did.

The police thanked her for her help in a dismissive way. She asked if she could speak to the man before she left. They said that was an odd request, but yes, she could.

She had questions that were bothering her. Why someone else and not her? She was alone, afterall.

She was placed in a small room with the man and a guard over by the door. She asked the man why he didn't attack her the night before when she was walking down the alley.

He said that there was no way he would have touched her with those two large men walking on either side of her.


The Imperfect Christian said...

Wow, that's an amazing story! You're daughter seems to be growing into an amazing young woman! What a testiment to you as a mother!

Beth said...

Wow that story just gave me goosebumps!

On a side note: thank you for commenting on my blog, I must have my blog set up to not let me know that I have comments (note to self to change that).

Heading Homeward said...

Ack! I just typed out a comment and lost it somehow!
Just wanted to say how wonderful to read of your daughter's growth in the Lord! It truly blesses a mother when her children walk in the admonition of the Lord!
Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments. I appreciate them and am sorry I don't say so more often.