Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Small Brag

I got *every* *single* *Christmas* Present* (that I've gotten so far for my family) wrapped last night. I've *never* gotten it done this early. I hope to finish up my shopping on Monday, and hopefully have it all wrapped and done by the end of next week.

Then, when we put up the tree after Thanksgiving, I can more fully concentrate on the things that give me joy. Baking. Spending time with my family. Doing the little "last minute" touches. Maybe entertaining a little.

My lists of everything seem to be helping.


Beth said...

Geez Michele,make me feel bad,lol.

I'm hoping to be done by December 1st so that I can avoid all the grumpy frumpy people complaining that they can't find anything.

Anywho...congratulations, that's awesome!

Michelle said...

LOL No! Don't feel badly! I failed to mention that I neglected pretty much any deep cleaning this week to get this done. ;)

As far as avoiding the rush, I know how *that* is. We live in an extremely populated area (for our area) and literally have to time our outings to avoid traffic. Also, we live just a couple of miles from one of the largest malls in 3 states. Can you imagine what traffic is like closer to Christmas?

Michelle said...

K-I've lost my mind. Not one of the largest malls in 3 states. But one of the largest malls in our tri-state *area*. LOL Big difference.

I must need more coffee.

Anonymous said...

I've gotten most of my shopping done, but since my *workroom* is torn apart right now for a new floor, nothing is wrapped! I hope to be wrapping next weekend :)

and congrats on being so efficient!

Belle-ah said...

I am impressed (and yes, a bit green with envy). This year I am woefully behind and I am generally one to have it all done by Thanksgiving. Oh my.

BTW, found your blog from Mrs. G's over at #17!