Sunday, November 26, 2006

Lovely Week

Our Thanksgiving was so special. I think every year it just gets better and better for us. This was the first year in my great aunts "new" house. The one they had to move into because their "old" place was too much for them to keep up. : ( So we thought it may not "feel" right.

How silly of us.

It was more wonderful than ever. All of us there together. And it also happened to be her 80th birthday! Cause for a double celebration if there ever was one!

The food was wonderful and the whole day flew by in a flash.

Then a really good Navy buddy of Mike's was in town visiting relatives, so after we left my aunts we went to a local park on the mountain to meet up with his family. How fun!

That night the girls and I looked up all the sales and then got up at 4am to hit the stores. This is the first year the girls have done Black Friday and it went much better than I could have hoped! I didn't buy too awful much. I didn't need to. But it was the experience I was after and I'm *so* glad we did it!

I even got a *great* deal on a Christmas tree for my great aunt. We'll have to take it to her one day this week if possible.

Off now. Headed to Church!

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