Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Something I Stumbled Across

Normally I'd try to look deeper into something so I could post with some bit of accuracy, but I truly stumbled onto this and thought it was something that I should share while it's going on.

It seems that some of our Blog Friends are in Africa. Uganda to be more exact. They are there with a group called Compassion. I don't know much about this at all. I just know that one of the Mom's That I Read sometimes is there and writing about it.

If you have some extra time, go take a look. (Click on the first link and scroll down just a little to get a list of the bloggers.) It's certainly put things in perspecive for me.


"My Little Wonders" said...

Michelle this is so beautiful....sorry it took me so long to comment. I LOVE it!!!

Andrea said...

I wanted to stop by and say how much you are missed! I am praying that all is well and that you have just been very busy. Hope to hear from you soon!
Andrea :)

Mary said...

Miss you! I hope everything is ok, hope to see a post soon.